MDI uses Silverlight to add a ‘Wow’ factor to Business Apps

If you’ve been to the doctor recently and dealt with filling out forms, you likely know the frustration and hassle of mounds of paperwork. As the backend processor of that paperwork, MDI knows that pain all too well. In search of a better way to assist their customers and employees in simplifying the overly tedious process of healthcare analytics and automated claims processes, MDI reached out to the Silverlight team to create a solution that would not only be visually exciting, but intuitive to use and more efficient.

MDI selected Silverlight to provide significant value to customers with visualizations that present clinical medical information, as well as animations and graphics to facilitate how administrators analyze a patient’s medical history. As a result, MDI has transformed data processing from a complex back-end operation into a visually dynamic application that provides customers with real-time access to data —giving MDI a competitive edge within the healthcare analytics industry.

The Silverlight team continues to work with developers who are building business applications that deliver broad business capabilities and enterprise connectivity through .NET, and comprehensive tooling support through Visual Studio and Expression Blend. Stay tuned for more blog posts to see how Silverlight continues to change the face of business apps.


To read more about the MDI solution, check out the full case study.

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