Windows Phone Design Guidelines on MSDN

It was recently brought to my attention that we have done a poor job of evangelizing the Windows Phone Design Guidelines on MSDN. These guidelines were previously available in PDF format, but a few months ago a couple of folks worked really hard to bring these to MSDN. Given the success of one of my previous posts, the design cheat sheet, I would guess that developers are looking for these design guidelines presented in an easy-to-consume format.

Along the lines of easy to consume are the control design guideline topics. There are design guideline topics for most controls that ship with the Windows Phone SDK. These topics typically contain an image of the control and describe the standard appearance of a control and its standard use. The best part of these topics, in my opinion, is the Design Guidelines section that lists the important points you need to remember when using the control in your UI. The following images show parts of the topic for the Button control.

                                              image                                          image

So please, check out these topics and let us know what you think. Post a comment to this post or just use the feedback mechanism on the MSDN page.