Battle Billards

I usually don’t like Pool games on the computer, the cues are weird


or the bounces of the balls is wrong.  Not the case with Battle Billards, although the robot competitor is a little to good and that ruins the addiction.  Good music.  I like Wheelz better than Battle Billards but it is a close thing.


The variety of games does make it interesting, but my prejudice against pool games make this one less than addicting and the play is pretty basic, after all it is pool.  However, if you like to play pool this game is for you. 

The reflection off of the bumper seems to be about right, if you always play with new bumpers.  It would be interesting to have a way to change the bumper coefficient of restitution (bounce) and maybe show table greens that are worn.  The cue in speed play is difficult to move.

None of these should be seen as a negative though.

Addiction value is high, if you like pool or billards

Play value is very positive, again if you like pool or billards.