Designing for the Windows Kinect: Hover Buttons

Hover buttons, pretty cool, but not well explained in the documentation that I have found.  Hover buttons add a cool effect and cause hovering of an object over another object to appear to be similar to a click.

The best examples of using the Hover buttons are found at:

Ray Chambers uses the skeletal tracking template with hover buttons makes a mix and match game.  I used his work to implement a template that I will share over the next few blogs (really, really!).  I did the Kinect for an instructor in High School, but I need to sanitize the product to protect the instructors general idea.

Ray is generally a good source of ideas, and usually does a presentation of his code in a manner like most of us write code.  It is easy to figure out what he is doing and then you can write your own.

So take a look at the link above.