Free Windows 8 help and software tools

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Azure 90-day Free Trial:

Get started or learn how to build cloud apps!

VS Express 2012 RC for Windows 8 & Windows 8 Release Preview Downloads on Dev Center

This has SDKs, hands on labs and other useful items to get you started

VS Express 2012 RC for Windows 8 Download on VS Site:

Similar to the previous one, except has different tools and guidance

30 to Launch Win8 Signup:

Guidance for doing an app in 30 days!

Phone SDK Download:

Windows 8 Phone SDK

30 Day to Launch Phone:

Like the Windows 8 30 days to launch but for the Current phone or future Windows 8 Phone, but no in person labs and some material that will be changing as time goes on

GenApp HomePage:

Windows 8 app ideas, community and other stuff!