Have a happy 4th of July! Be Safe! Build a Silverlight application

Building a Silverlight Fireworks program would be just the thing.  I did my usual search for a project that already is build and found a great site that compares Flash and Silverlight, both create a fireworks display!  You get to compare the two side by side, I won’t, because I am focused on Silverlight, but if you aren’t, then take a look at the Flash code and project.

Get this great firework project at: Flash vs. Silverlight Colorful Fireworks, keep in mind that Silverlight 3.0 works outside of the browser and Flash doesn’t.

Problem and Solution

Problem: When loading the silverlight application into my VS 2010 Team System IDE, but it didn’t convert. 

System: VS2010 with Silverlight SDK 3.0

Solution: Install Silverlight SDK 2.0

Once you have installed the Silverlight SDK 2.0, which could be after you installed the Silverlight SDK 3.0 the project will run as expected.


An aside on Fireworks:

Fireworks were initially invented by the Chinese, and likely the medical protocol for missing hands from explosions followed shortly.    image

In the United States July the Fourth represents the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, although the real date might have been July 2 depending on your legal point of view.  The making of “joyous” noise and so forth slowly became a tradition, with the slow communications and independent nature of the US in the early years slowed the adoption of the fireworks and parades.

If you are going to the beach, make sure that you enter the water in a manner that allows you to check out the new environment, and all waters, except pools, are renewed everyday.  I surf quite often, but I always, and I mean always do a quick wade out to check for sandbars, etc.  Please do the same.

Fireworks are interesting since they are really the basis for our current civilization.  If we didn’t have fireworks, created by the Chinese, then wars would have been forced to be fought with arrows, rocks, and catapults.  The idea of combustion would have delayed and Carnot might not have investigated the concepts of Thermodynamics.  Exploration of the Solar System would not have happened, and now with Voyager and the Pioneer craft would not have passed the edges of the Solar System.

July 4th is an important date in American History: Signing of the Declaration of Independence is completed!


Bottom line: Be safe, have fun, celebrate Independence! no matter where you are, write something important.