I've changed role

Well it's happened; a short while ago I left the UK PSfD (Premier Support for Developers) team for new horizons. I had an awesome time in that team, and learned a lot from some very clever people - so if you fancy it check out the Microsoft careers site as they're hiring at the moment!

So what am I doing now? I moved to the "Global Consumer ISV Team", which is part of DPE (our evangelist arm), but rather than being managed out of the UK I report into Microsoft Corp in the US via the Server and Tools business. 

I am responsible for business development with the EMEA partners on an exclusive list of top consumer brands... so in practice that translates to working with these brands to identify mutually beneficial opportunities, projects, approaches, marketing, and networking that lead to their successful adoption of the Microsoft platform in key competitive arenas such as Phone, Tablet, and Cloud.

Bottom line? I'm playing with gadgets, talking to people, and sending emails, all with a focus on cool consumer-facing technology: pretty much what I love the most and do the best anyway. Keep in touch if you worked with me already, and say hello if I cross your path in my new role! Chances are I'll still blog once in a while, but that'll likely be on slightly different topics. Let's see what happens...