Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility #12

Sorry it’s been a little quiet here of late, I’ve been on vacation (holiday, if your British). I’m back now and here is everything that happened this week in Enterprise Mobility that you need to know about but haven’t had time to read:

Apple broke MDM in iOS 9.2

All the EMM vendors, including Microsoft, have had some struggles today with iOS 9.2 releasing and lots of features of MDM having broken as a result. You can read about it on the Intune blog. Rest assured we are working closely with Apple to fix the problems, but for now, our advice is to ask your users not to upgrade their devices.

Windows 10 and App Compat

If you want some fun checkout Chris Jackson @appcompatguy in this great session (3rd in the series) with Kevin Remde talking about app compat and in this case browser compat in Windows 10. There are some really great changes under the hood here that should make your migration to Windows 10, much easier than perhaps you think!


Sticking with Edge this past week the Chakra JavaScript engine that we built for Internet Explorer and Edge was open sourced! Or at least we announced that it would be soon under MIT license on GitHub. There are tons of great, detailed info in the official post. One thing that stood out for me was just how much faster than other browsers Edge is in the Octane 2.0 and Jet Stream benchmarks (owned by Google and Apple respectively).


Every year I create some great labs that you can use to experience all that new and fun in Windows and Enterprise Mobiilty, and this year is no exception. You can find some awesome labs that don’t require you to make anything locally and will just run inside your web browser right here on TechNet vLabs.

Remote App

November was another big month in the world of Azure RemoteApp with a bunch of new features being released. My favorite of which is Intune MAM management of the RemoteApp app for iOS and Android which means that it can participate in the same policy as other MAM managed apps like Word, Outlook and Adobe PDF reader. Which in turn means that you can control cut, copy and paste between those apps and that the RemoteApp app will be encrypted and PIN protected.

58 most commonly misused words

I do love some misuse of my language! So I thought I would appraise you in the hope of entertaining and bemusing you with this clichéd sentence of words you could hone in on. Wow that was a lot of bad English and I bet you didn’t even realize… Read this fab article in the Independent just here.



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