Office 2010 Compatibility

One of the hurdles that I’ve personally experienced when trying to move people to the latest version of Office to help them be more productive is that those little tools they rely on – that excel add-in that they bought that’s become a core part of their process - just isn’t known to you, the IT Pro dude that has to take responsibility for it.

You’ve never heard of the thing before and you don’t know who the vendor is and you don’t have the time to do a full background check to make sure it works.  Then you do your deployment and that supery dupery add-in tanks.  Finally you have to roll that persons install back and they stick as a thorn in your side for years and you can’t explain away not having hit your target for 100% deployment.  Familiar?

Well we’ve got you an answer… 

Take a look at the Microsoft Office 2010 – Compatibility Resource Center we’ve got tools for inspecting VBA code and a tool that helps you to findout what Add-ins are actually running in your business.  Cool stuff… oh yeah and a list of Add-ins that have been tested.  Nice stuff.