Tools to help you deploy Office 2010

The Office 2010 Engineering blog posted a great roundup of the tools that you can use to help deploy Office 2010 this week.  It’s a powerful tool set and I honestly can’t see a blocker to deployment that it doesn’t help remove. 

  • You don’t know what addins are out there…there’s a tool for that. 
  • Don’t know if you VBA code is compatible it 2010…there’s a tool for that. 
  • Want it in your standard image…there’s a tool for that. 
  • Want to customise what lands on a client…there’s a tool for that. 
  • Want help planning deployment…there’s a tool for that. 
  • Want someone to get your coffee whilst you deploy Office 2010…you might have to do that yourself!

Microsoft Office 2010 Deployment Tools