Upcoming Jump Start: Azure RMS Core Skills

Protecting your organizations data is something that should be top-of-mind for every IT person out there. It’s not something that is just the job of the CSO or the folks in the security team, but if you are in that team it is absolutely something you should be thinking about. It’s what I would term a “core skill” that you need on your resume for the future.

That’s why I’m really excited to bring you the third installment of our Enterprise Mobility Core Skills Jump Start series this week, focused on Azure RMS.

This Jump Start will focus on the following key areas:

  • Activating Azure RMS
  • Protecting the files your users share
  • Tacking and revoking usage of protected files
  • Building and managing templates
  • Integrating with on-premises services

Of course I won’t be delivering this alone, Dan Plastina (@theRMSguy) will first help me to help you understand why Azure RMS is so important to your organization. Then, for the rest of the session, Carol Bailey, the amazing technical writer behind the Azure RMS documentation, and I will help you get the core skills you need to start protecting your organization’s information.

You can sign up for the event, running Thursday, May 21st at 9am PST right here. You can watch the previous episodes in the series on the same page too.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your questions on the live Q&A!

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