HIS 2009 and Biztalk Adapters for Host Systems 2.0 Licensing and Platform Requirements

Since the release of Host Integration Server 2009 and Biztalk Adapters for Host Systems (BAHS) 2.0, we have gotten quite a few questions related to the following:

- Licensing

- Systems requirements and other pre-requisites

There are publicly available locations that answer most of the questions that come up, but the information isn’t always easy to find (isn’t that always the case).

The following are links to some of the various HIS 2009 and BAHS 2.0 documentation that should help answer many questions that we have been seeing.

How to License Microsoft BizTalk Host Integration Technologies

BAHS 2.0 System Requirements

HIS 2009 System Requirements – You may need to scroll down a bit to get to the HIS 2009 info since the link jumps to products that start with “H”.

You can also start your search for HIS 2009 and BAHS 2.0 information at the following site: