What did we do before search engines?

I can't tell you how many times that while i'm coding and run into some type of coding problem or error and it's quicker to search the web for help than ask the developer across the hall from me or even look it up in my local MSDN help.  I remember the day when I'd have to pull my COM/ATL/Win32 books out when trying to get a solution but now my books all lie dormant on the shelf behind me.  However I think they still look impressive on my shelf, especially when non technical friends come and visit. Sometimes it blows me away to see how many other people encounter the same problems I do.

It's nice to see Microsoft releasing a decent search engine this week.  I'll admit it's a little hard to make a switch from other competing engines (I wonder who I'm talking about) but I'm giving it a go, I definitely want MSN search to be successful but it will only be successful if it proves useful.  So far so good.

Hey it's friday, so I want to wish you all a great weekend!




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