BizTalk Server 2006 Disaster Recovery references

Here are few things you need to know when you want to setup and configure BizTalk Server Disaster Recovery Scenario.

Pre-requisite: Please ensure that all BizTalk Databases are backed up regularly


Checklist: Increasing Availability with Disaster Recovery:

Best Practices for Disaster Recovery:

BizTalk Server SQL Server Log Shipping:

How to Restore Your Databases:

High Availability for Databases: 


For the operations team, the critical thing is to run the VBscript files to update the databases and the registry on the BizTalk Servers. The Scripts can be found in the BizTalk Server Install folder Under Schema and Restore.


· On 64-bit computers, you must run UpdateDatabase.vbs/ UpdateRegistry.vbs from a 64-bit command prompt.

· You only need to run UpdateDatabase.vbs on one server in the BizTalk group.

· You need to run UpdateRegistry.vbs on every server in the BizTalk group.