Firstline Worker: Your most valuable employees

How many Firstline Workers did you interact with today? For me, I count around a dozen or so that range from the barista at the coffee shop, gas station attendant, waitress at the restaurant I ate lunch at, the gate agent when I boarded my plane to fly home, when the cable repair technician came to repair my home internet, and so on. These workers represent the companies they work for, and essentially represent that company's brand. They sit on the "firstline" and are the first employees to interact with those company's customers – and they play an important part in the customer experience lifecycle. It's vital these employees are empowered to do their best work, and are connected with the rest of the company so they receive the same information, share best practices and can thrive in the digital age.

In this blog post, I have three video recordings where I discuss the Microsoft Firstline Worker vision, a demonstration of Firstline Worker, and an overview of the Firstline Worker application StaffHub. I hope this will inspire you to learn more about how you can empower these employees within your organizations and perhaps reuse these decks with your customers or within your organization to evangelize the importance of including Firstline Workers in your digital transformation.

Important: If you are a Microsoft Partner, you can download the decks I used in the videos at under the "Engage with your customers" section.


Firstline Worker Vision (15 minutes):


Firstline Worker Demonstration (16 minutes):


StaffHub Overview (10 minutes):


In addition to the StaffHub video above, I invite you to browse the other StaffHub blog posts I have written on how to set it up and use it. Please refer to the StaffHub section of my blog using the drop down menu at the top of this page.