StaffHub: Automatically Assign Licenses to New Users


When a new team member is added, StaffHub (if configured to do so) will automatically create a new user account and add them to a Security Group called Deskless Workers in Azure Active Directory. However, the user will still need to be assigned a license in order to start using StaffHub. This blog article will walk an IT administrator through the process of using group-based licensing in Azure Active Directory to automatically assign licenses to users that are added to a security group (i.e. DesklessWorkers).

Note: This capability requires Azure Active Directory Premium, and at the time of this writing this capability is in preview functionality.


Below is an example of what the DesklessWorkers security group in Office 365 looks like. Notice it has one member (Matt Soseman).

Next, I will browse to that user Matt Soseman to show that he currently does not have any licenses assigned:

We now need to ensure that when users are added to the DesklessWorkers security group, they are automatically assigned a license.

Login to Azure

Login to Azure by browsing to , then on the left side click Azure Active Directory

On the Azure Active Directory blade, click Licenses

Click All Products and check the box next to the license you want to assign. Note, this may be the F1 license, or any license SKU that includes StaffHub. For purposes of this blog article, I will be using E5. Then click +Assign

On the Assign License blade click Select users and/or groups

Search for DesklessWorkers and press Enter. Check the box next to DesklessWorkers:

At the bottom of the blade click Select.

Next, click Assignment

Chose the licenses you wish to assign the user. For purposes of my example, I will leave all licenses to On. However, you may wish to turn all licenses off and only leave Microsoft StaffHub to On. When finished click OK at the bottom.

Back on the Assign License blade click Assign. At this point, whenever a new user is provisioned in StaffHub, the user's account will be automatically added to DesklessWorkers and automatically assigned a license. Browsing back to Matt's user account in the Office 365 Admin Portal I can now see that he has been assigned the E5 license SKU, and notice Microsoft StaffHub is also assigned: