StaffHub: Overview, Initial Setup & Configuration

Introduction: StaffHub is a remarkable new tool from Microsoft that enables organizations to effectively manage their firstline workers and enable them to have a collaborative experience to achieve more in their jobs. A firstline worker can be a nurse, barista, retail worker, manufacturing worker, hospitality worker, service technician, etc. The purpose of this blog post is to walk you through initial setup and configuration of StaffHub in your Office 365 tenant to get started using the service. For a great overview of StaffHub, I recommend watching the below video:


Step 1: Enable StaffHub on the Office 365 Tenant:

Browse to and click on the Admin button.

On the left side, expand Settings and click Services & Add-ins:

Scroll the page, and click StaffHub:

On the flyout on the right side click Update StaffHub settings for your organization:

Ensure Enable Microsoft StaffHub is set to On. Optional: Check the box Apply License Check to force StaffHub users to have a license before using it. More information can be found here: Assign Microsoft StaffHub licenses.

Note: Settings will automatically be saved.

Optional: Self Provision Accounts is useful if your firstline employees that will use StaffHub do not have identities in Azure Active Directory. Enabling this option, will automatically create an identity in Azure Active Directory for the employee when they are added to StaffHub, and, it will also add them to a security group titled DesklessWorkers. For purposes of this blog, I will enable this option.

Click here to proceed to Step 2, Create a Team.