Come to a CloudFest and Get Started with Azure


We’ve done quite a few of these around the country so far, and they’ve proven to be very valuable experiences!  Take a look at the schedule below.  I encourage you to attend one in your area – even if your team doesn’t currently have a cloud strategy, it’ll be worth your while!


Build, run, and explore the potential of cloud-based computing

We’ll help you get right to work setting up cloud-based apps that will dazzle your users while driving down costs. Join Microsoft experts at a CloudFest near you to explore how to build real-world apps using Microsoft Azure.

You'll learn to create and use virtual machines (VMs) in seconds to solve many common issues. Explore the hyperscale web and get the inside scoop on all that Microsoft Visual Studio and Azure have to offer modern development teams. We’ll give you hands-on experience with all the tools you need to succeed.

Upcoming CloudFest Schedule:


Note: you MUST bring a wireless, Internet-ready laptop to participate.

In addition, you need:


I hope to see you soon at a CloudFest in your area!