Events in LA & Irvine: PaaS & the Cumulus Cloud

Hey there!  Check out this upcoming event series from our friends at Northwest Cadence!

“Cumulus” means heap or pile in Latin, and cumulus clouds are typically the beautiful, white puffy clouds with a flat base and puffy rounded towers. PaaS is like the cumulus cloud <pun intended>. PaaS allows you to grow vertically and horizontally – it actually gives you extreme scalability – when you need it. Then, scale PaaS back down when you don’t. It’s really just that simple.

when does scalability matter?

Some customers are seeing 40% reduction in costs through on-demand scaling! Application loads vary over time. By auto-scaling PaaS applications in Azure, you only pay for what you actually use, not for your spare capacity. If your seasonal spike requires a massive server farm, why pay for that all year? 

how do I evaluate the cloud?

Choosing an application to put into the cloud isn’t always an easy undertaking. We’ll discuss which metrics are most important to measure, what types of apps make the transition easily, and where you can get the most ROI for your development and operations spend.
what are the PaaS gotchas?

There is power, flexibility, and ease of PaaS in Azure. And there are also a few gotchas. Join us in a city near you for the latest tips, tricks, and traps on Azure PaaS.


  • breakfast: 9:00-9:30AM
  • discussion: 9:30-12PM
  • lunchtime Q&A: 12-1:30PM

Register Now!    LA on August 19   |    Irvine on August 20