New Updates Rolling out to Visual Studio Online (VSO)

I’ll let you read about these updates in more detail on the Visual Studio News Page, but there are a couple killer new capabilities rolling out to VSO:

Code Editing in the Browser

You will now have the ability to manipulate files in version control directly from the browser!

  • When looking at a source file, you can use the Edit command to edit the contents of a file, including color coding and formatting.
  • You can also add, delete, or rename a file directly from the browser, without having to download the entire branch.
  • This capability extends to the Welcome hub, too!


Filtering on Backlogs & Queries

Think of this as a quick search for text on either a backlog or query result.  As you filter, the results will show only items that contain the matching text (in the displayed columns, including tags).

Sprint backlog and task board improvements

  • You can now drag and drop on the sprint backlog or task board to reprioritize or reparent items.  This means you can reparent tasks to other stories on the task board if you need to.
  • On the task board, collapsed stories/PBIs will show summary information about the linked tasks.


Preview APIs for adding and updating files in source control

REST APIs for adding, editing, renaming, and deleting files in TF Version Control and Git projects are now available for preview.  See Visual Studio Online REST API Versions and History.


CodeLens for Visual Studio Online in Preview

Woot!  CodeLens is showing up when using VSO!


Just another example of how fast and responsive this team is delivering new capabilities.  For further proof, check out the features timeline (which also shows stuff under development).