Upcoming Leadership Events: Azure, Agility, and Automation

Our partner, Northwest Cadence, has been hard at work to build some great new content focused on effective software delivery in the Enterprise.

Intrigued? Steven Borg gives a sneak peek into Continuous Delivery with Azure, Automation, and Agility (video)

Here is the full abstract:

Join Steven Borg and Cheryl Hammond as they deliver a Leadership Roundtable breakfast event with exclusive content designed to help leaders take a practical approach to reaching continuous delivery. Steve and Cheryl are recognized industry experts in enterprise agility and lean/agile transformations. What does that have to do with Continuous Delivery with Azure, Agility, and Automation, you ask? Plenty! Enterprise agility is much more than self-organizing teams and delivering code in short increments. It is also about putting the right technical foundations in place to support those teams for an ever faster delivery cadence.

This 3-hour Leadership Roundtable will be interactive and fun! Join Steve and Cheryl as they cover Azure, Agility, and Automation –tie them all together – and sheds light on the next steps you can take to deliver code faster.

AzureAzure: Azure plays an important role in modern continuous delivery practices, as it supports extremely rapid development cycles, near-infinite scaling, and dramatically reduced up-front costs. DevOps and DevTest become accessible to mere mortals when Azure infrastructure and platforms are used. Not only that, but Staging and Production environment management becomes trivial, allowing new releases to be tested in a near clone of the production environment prior to release.
Agility: Agility is enabled through leadership, and creates the right mindset and processes that support rapid delivery of value.
AutomationAutomation: Automation is key to delivering at the speed of market. It not only removes human error and speeds work, it can actually transform the team. Once key processes are automated, teams behavior changes. Since small units of functionality can now be delivered quickly, teams begin to shift their thinking and actions in subtle ways that reinforce agility and more frequent deliveries. They even start to decompose requirements more granularly so they can be released in smaller chunks!

At the end of this Roundtable event, you will leave with a clear understanding of why Azure, Agility, and Automation are key to enterprise agility. You will also have a plan around how to take the next steps with your team.

Schedule (for any updates, be sure to visit the Northwest Cadence events page ):

Date Location (click to register)
Sept 3, 9AM-12PM Bellevue, WA
Sept 8, 9AM-12PM Eagan, MN
Sept 9, 9AM-12PM Tempe, AZ
Sept 10, 9AM-12PM Denver, CO
Sept 11, 9AM-12PM Salt Lake City, UT
Sept 11, 9AM-12PM Portland, OR
Sept 16, 9AM-12PM Irvine, CA
Sept 17, 9AM-12PM San Diego, CA
Sept 18, 9AM-12PM Palo Alto, CA

If you have any questions, please contact Rick Flath: rick.flath@nwcadence.com

I hope to see you at one of these events!