Q and A: Using Lock Pages In memory on 64 bit platform

Q: Hello Slava,  I would like to confirm my understanding that on SQL 2005 64 bit edition it is recommended to grant Lock Pages in Memory right to the SQL account and then turn on the AWE setting. Thanks

A: Yes, we do recommend to turn on Lock pages in memory so that OS doesn't page SQL Server out. However on 64 bit you only need to grant the right "Lock Pages in Memory" to the SQL account for SQL Server to utilize this feature. You do need to to change any of AWE settings through sp_configure.

When you enable Lock Pages In memory, dbcc memorystatus's output will show that AWE mechanism is in use, Why? The reason for this is that for both 32 bit's AWE and 64 bit's Lock Pages we use Windows AWE mechanism described here https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dngenlib/html/awewindata.asp. The only difference is that on 64 bit we only have to map physical pages ones.