3 [Yahoo] Amazon to Take Pre-Orders for Portable Media Center


The pre-order site is www.amazon.com/portablemediacenters. They have devices from Creative and Samsung shown there.

I had one of the Creative devices to play with for a while. The UI is very well done and has a lot of cool factor, and the device is pretty sturdy and good quality audio/video. I loved having all of my ~230 CD's in hand. Combine it with a FM transmitter since my car radio isn't fancy enough to take a direct audio feed, and I had all of my music in my car too. I don't even have a Media Center PC, but if you have one of those then this device is especially useful, to have your TV & movie content on the go.

I'm pretty excited to see these going to market. Though I'm a little skeptical that they'll do well since they're kind of expensive (and large) for just music, and tied to Media Center for video content. They blow iPod out of the water for coolness though.