I survived!

Hooray, I survived DevCon!  The kernel talk and perf talk were ready to go by Monday, and after many short nights last week and this week, my lab was ready “enough” by Wednesday morning.  The handouts are missing some screenshots and a lot of polish.  The program I demo'd with was not quite as complete as I had hoped.  But overall I think the content was good.

Sounds like I need to work on my presentation skills :-( so my apologies to any attendees who went to my talks.  Even though I know the material I guess I still get too nervous speaking about it.  The kernel talk was really too much for one session; it should have been a 100-level basics talk plus a 200- or 300- level OAL & driver development talk.  I goofed my lab and ran 15 minutes beyond time, because I had the wrong end time in mind, and a lot of material to cover.  I should have skipped going over how I built my image, and just dived right into the meat of things.

Ahh well.  Hopefully someone benefited.  I'll be cleaning up my lab materials & demo code shortly, and hope to get it all into our SDK documentation or something.  I'm pretty excited about my lab handouts because I think they contain a lot of information people haven't easily found on their own before.