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In the March Challengeslitdev included this challenge:

Game Challenge

  • Write a battleships game.  You will need to consider how it will work with 2 players or play against the computer.


Yan Grenier completed his game on 3/21:

Hi all,

This my solution for the Battleship against the computer :MRV593-2

Small Basic Battleship Screenshot

More details in this forum discussion :

Have fun ;)



And then Nonki Takahashi also submitted an alpha 2 version of his battleship game on 3/25:

This is my second step for game challenge: GZN668-0.

It's still alpha version. You can just draw a peg with mouse click.

Screen shot of a program BATTLESHIP in Small Basic 0.2a



Everyone, try out these great battleship games and let us know what you think! Thanks to LitDev for the great challenge and to Yan and Nonki for the games!

PS: Have you heard that we launched Small Basic 1.1? Small Basic 1.1 is here!

Have a Small and Basic day!

   - Ninja Ed