Exospheric Freight Service - Small Basic Featured Game

Today I'd like to introduce a new 3D game EXFS - Exospheric Feight Service programmed by cvmarus.

avator of cvmarus

The program ID is QTN895.  This game requires LitDev Extension  Following message is written by cvmarus in our forum thread.  Thank you cvmarus for sharing your game!

Please post your original game or program to our forum thread here.

Exospheric Freight Service   (A Space Simulation Game)

The  Original small basic code QTN895 (With web assets)

EXFS  Zip file updated with bug fixes, save game feature (suggested by litdev), and local assets.

Download and save the zip somewhere
Unblock the downloaded zip file (this allows the unzipped exe and dlls to be used): Locate the downloaded zip in File Explorer, then right click -> Properties -> General -> Unblock
Unzip the contents of the zip somewhere, maybe an empty folder in Documents
Run exfs.exe

EXFS is a 3D space simulation that places you as the pilot driver of a loader vehicle. You must move shipping containers from a storage unit to a transport vehicle. The latest LD extension is required. Graphic Images in the Zip version are local assets.