Happy Birthday Small Basic

Marking the first year anniversary since it went public, we're announcing the 7th release of Small Basic CTP.  This release adds localized support to four new languages, extending Small Basic's reach to Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Turkish!

In addition, this release sports a cool new feature called "Graduate", that allows you to port your Small Basic program seamlessly to Visual Basic.

Download v0.7 here

In addition, this version also comes with the following much requested features and bug-fixes:

  1. A helpful crash reporting dialog that pops-up whenever your program crashes
  2. Fixes to Scrollbar size to make it easier to find in huge documents
  3. Fixed crash when a specified image cannot be loaded
  4. Fix for foreign keyboards not being able to use AltGr
  5. Opacity and Visibility properties for Shapes
  6. Make comments and objects more differentiated in syntax color