How to find author from Flickr URL with Small Basic

I sometimes upload my program screen shots with Flickr pictures.  At that time, I always check the copyright of each picture.

For that purpose I wrote a sample program to get original URL from return value of Flickr object.

There are two ways to get original URL.  The first way using short URL is described in Flickr site.  Flickr.GetPictureOfMoment() or Flickr.GetRandomPicture() returns following format of URLs.


And from photo id, short URL can be calculated like:{base58-photo-id}

This short URL will jump to the original Flickr URL for the picture.

The second way is to use following format with the photo id described above.  This information is from a blog{photo-id}

The sample program for both way is uploaded as NLM548.

Have fun through Small Basic programming!

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