Search Small Basic Code with Bing

Internet search engines such as Bing are useful to find Small Basic code.  Today I will introduce samples to find simple Small Basic subroutines in the Internet.

The first keywords are "Small Basic Split" to find Split function.  A forum thread SmallBasic Split Function will be found.

Bing with Small Basic Split

The second keywords are "Small Basic Hex2Dec".  Some programs such as RPZ143-2 that have Hex2Dec (hexadecimal to decimal conversion) subroutine will be found.  If you find a Microsoft Small Basic Program Listing with Edge, you can run the program with the menu "Open with Internet Explorer".

Bing with Small Basic Hex2Dec

The last keywords are "small basic to polar" to find subroutine from Cartesian to Polar coordinates conversion.  You will find a blog post Cartesian and Polar Coordinates in Small Basic.

Bing with small basic to polar

There are a lot of information about Small Basic in the Internet.  Find your favorite tips about Small Basic!