Small Basic Curriculum Videos! by Mr. Adams

Thanks to the fantastic Mr. Adams, we now have an answer to the question...


What if I don't want to download the curriculum and learn how to teach Small Basic to my students?


ANSWER: Just play these videos instead! Yes, it's that easy. You have an actual technical teacher going through the lessons in a video! It can't get any easier! Just put the videos up on your projector, go full screen on the videos, and have your class follow along! Because you're not the "teacher", that frees you up to be the assistant and to go around to the students and help them along!


The playlist can be found here:

Find the content and PowerPoint decks here: Small Basic Teaching Curriculum


Let's get started!


Small Basic Tutorial 1.1 Introduction



Small Basic Tutorial 1.2 Textwindow Object


Small Basic Tutorial 1.3 Variables 


Small Basic Tutorial 1.4 Conditions and Loops Part I 


Small Basic Tutorial 1.4 Conditions and Loops Part II 


Small Basic Tutorial 1.5 Branches and Subroutines


Small Basic Tutorial 2.1 Graphics Window Objects 


Small Basic Tutorial 2.2 Graphics Window Turtle Graphics 



Small Basic Tutorial 2.3 Exploring Shapes  


Small Basic Tutorial 2.4 Text, Sound, and Program Objects



Thank you for putting Small Basic to use!

Head to Small Basic Teaching Curriculum to get the content and PowerPoint decks that Mr. Adams used.


Try out the lessons! If you have any questions, as a teacher or student, head to the Small Basic Forum.

And if you're teaching Small Basic, see Small Basic Teachers


Small and Basically yours,

- Ninja Ed


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