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Before we unravel this article, did you know that Small Basic is the perfect tool for kids to learn how to program? It used to be that a dad would put his tweenager down in front of Visual Basic, they'd scratch their head and run off.

But now we have Kodu for the little ones (my Four year old daughter is learning it; I'm starting my Three year old on developing some basic mouse and click skills in Purble Place and Paint). And then I'll start my 7 and 8 year old daughters on Small Basic soon (they're progressing through Kodu quickly).

I made this blog post that gives 47 testimonies of kids, age 8-13, who have used and learned programming on Small Basic (my kids aren't even on this list yet):


Now, we'll take a snapshot in time of the goodness you can currently find on this portal...

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Troubleshooting and Known Issues


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