Small Basic: The Improved I/O Extension

From Gungan37 in this Forums thread...


I have spent the last few months writing the IO Extension in C#. It provides hundreds of methods to do all kinds of different things. It includes support for:

  • Network server / client communications
  • Use of over 20 Windows Forms controls
  • Use of game controllers
  • Use of the Google Maps APIs
  • Use of Microsoft Office style ribbon controls (like this)
  • Use of as many timers as you want
  • Advanced file I/O and FileSystemWatcher events
  • Use of many algorithms such as Pi calculations and sorting routines
  • Sending emails
  • Advanced speech synthesis
  • Printing
  • And much more!



Download link:

Note: this version was designed for Windows 8/7/Vista butworks on XP. A special XP version without Aero libraries, etc. is in the works!


Please provide comments, suggestions, and bug reports here:



Have you tried it out? What do you think?

   - Ninja Ed