Small Basic - TOC for Challenges, Blog Posts and Wiki Articles

There are lots of information about Small Basic on the internet - especially on MSDN forums, blogs, TechNet Wiki articles.  So I made tables of contents for them.

Monthly Challenges

The titles and the links for the Monthly Challenges are listed in a TechNet Wiki article.  But, it's difficult to find a challenge with this link list or a search tool of MSDN forums.  So, I made an Excel book that contains these challenges as text base.  Through this Excel book, you can find a challenge by a keyword via the find tool of Excel.

Blog Posts

I made two Small Basic tools to create link lists for following two blogs.  These blogs has search tools and work well.  But when searching many things, it's faster to find in an output links created by these tools.

Before running these tools, you should remove comments in lines using Files object.  Both tools rewrite HTML files containing links in the current directory.  I sometimes copies the result of TXK231 to a Wiki article Small Basic Survival Guide.

TechNet Wiki Articles

In the TechNet Wiki, you can search articles with tagged as Small Basic like .  But I made a tool WWJ884-0.  This tool creates list.html file in the current directory.  You can copy the table in the output file and paste it to an Excel sheet.  So you can sort or do other things and make your own portal.

Have fun with a lot of Small Basic information!