The newest, leanest and the meanest is here!

The next installment of the Small Basic Community Previews is now available for download.  Version v0.5 can be downloaded at:

This version adds more of the community requested features and bug-fixes, the full list of it is below:

  • Arrays:

    Small Basic now has native support for arrays.  Array keys are not limited to numbers, and the arrays themselves can be multidimensional.  An example is:

people[1]["Name"]["First"] = "Carl"
people[1]["Name"]["Last"] = "Fredrickson"
people[1]["Age"] = 78

  • Uninitialized Variables:

    The Compiler now catches and reports as error, any variable that isn't initialized but is being used in the program.  This makes it much easier to catch misspelt variables.

  • Spanish localization:

    The UI and the API reference have been translated to Spanish, and is now available alongside English and French.  The Guide will follow in a couple days.

  • Environment Features:

    * Find feature: Ctrl+F brings up the new Find dialog, F3 finds the next match
    * Line and column indicator: At the bottom right of the editor is a line and column indicator
    * Save As command + toolbar button
    * Format Program command: Available from the context menu in the editor, this command reformats the entire program with the right indentation.
    * Mouse click and scroll support for Intellisense list box

  • Under the hood:

    * A new attribute "HideFromIntellisense" which hides deprecated operations and properties from the Intellisense list

  • Others:

    * Tons of bug fixes
    * Smaller footprint (installer is now just 3.7MB)
    * Setup now auto-detects presence of .Net framework 3.5 SP1