Turtle Graphics - Small Basic Featured Program

Today I will introduce my Turtle Graphics program written in Small Basic.

This project was started in a forum thread "Another Turtle Graphics" on March 21, 2014.  This project aimed to create a programming environment used before Small Basic.  But the development of this Turtle Graphics program has been suspended until this month.

So I proposed to create newer version of the Turtle Graphics for "Challenge of the Month - April 2015".

Then the latest version of this Turtle Graphics is XVK119-3.

This version supports:

  • Following commands.
    • FORWARD n (to move the turtle n pixels)
    • RIGHT n (to rotate the turtle right n degrees)
    • LEFT n (to rotate the turtle left n degrees)
    • PENUP (to lift the pen up)
    • PENDOWN (to set the pen down)
    • REPEAT n [commands] (to repeat commands n times)
  • Nested REPEAT.
  • To skip opening with space key.

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