How to avoid phone phishing and email scams

We've had 3 mails to the small business centre over the last couple of days, all from customers who have received phone calls purporting to be from Microsoft tech support, saying they had identified a problem with the recipient's computer. These scams have been operating for some years now.

THESE CALLS ARE SCAMS. DO NOT RESPOND. Microsoft does not telephone individual customers in this way.

Below are examples of what these fraudulent callers are saying.

"The calls state that Microsoft users in my area are experiencing problems with their Windows programme and request that you open your computer and then follow the callers instructions  requiring accessing the hard-drive. "

 "I would like to advise you that I have had 2 phone calls in the last week from an Indian voice  saying it was Microsoft Windows Senior Technician, Alex Wilson & Alan Justice regarding error messages from my PC."

"I have recently had cold calls here in Spain claiming to be from your tech dept. They claimed to be checking if I had viruses ect. and they could help clear them.As I have Norton 360 protection + your setup and no reports I terminated the call. I was just  interested if this was fraudulent or genuine.

Please make sure you read the advice given here on how to avoid phishing phone calls and emails. There's also a list of FAQs you may find useful.