Tech Ed ’05: Windows Forms: Making the Most of WinForms 2.0 Data Binding

Last week Andrew Brust and I presented a fun session on the enhancements we’ve done for databinding in Windows Forms.  We received a lot of great feedback and had a lot of fun presenting.  Prior to joining Microsoft Andrew and I used to work together as Microsoft RD’s but never presented together.  It was more fun then I would have expected. 
In the session we presented several samples that we didn’t have a lot of time to drill into but promised to post the content:

Session Abstract:

Under .NET 1.x, data binding grew up from a connected 2-tier prototyping tool, to a sensible disconnected, n-tier technology worthy of inclusion in mainstream applications. Under .NET 2.0, consider the ante upped! The design time tools are richer, typed DataSets offer greater encapsulation, UIs can be generated automatically, record navigation is greatly simplified, and master-detail scenarios are handled with ease. You can spend hours with the documentation, designers and Wizards or you can come to this session and learn it all in 75 minutes from Andrew Brust, noted author and speaker on database and data access topics for over a decade.

Powerpoint from Tech Ed '05t 

Powerpoint from Tech Ed WebCast