Backgound Motion is Live

Over the last 6 months we worked with Mindscape (* link corrected) to build an end-to-end sample application. 

Darryl has blogged about this here and in his blog he tells you about the purpose of the site, where to get the code and how to visit it.

From my perspective I was really keen to see an application that was writen by developers for developers that illistrated 3 key concepts:


1 - Building "composite" applications

More and more applications today are created by combining services from other applications. These "composite" applications bring data together from multiple sources and combine it to provide the user with useful mashed-up views that provide additional insight to the applications user. While this sort of data aggregation has been common inside data warehouses in the past new technologies improve this process even further providing more engaging experiences for the user as more and more data is layered over the base dataset. See how our Software+Services patterns assist in the development of this new class of applications.


2 - Extending the reach of your applications

In the past data contained within an application was only available through a limited number of predefined interfaces or user experiences. Contrast this to the scenario today where users demand to see data from application in a myriad of formats and want to use it where it makes the most sense for them. At times this will be through a web site, a dedicated client application or provided as a data source for another application altogether. Come to this session to learn about a number of mechanisms that can be used to surface data from within an application and some useful design patterns that assist in this process.


3 - Building standards compliant websites

Come and see how easy it is to build standards compliant sites using new Microsoft designer tools and how designers and developers can work together to simplify web development and create a great web experience.


The site that has been built offers so, so much more than this!   JB and JD who presented at out last major event also have been touring around Asia Pacific to deliver some of the content.  Very cool....


GREAT WORK NZ DEVELOPERS - I'd encourage you to take some time out to look at the site if you are interested in web development.


As an aside I want to call out the great progress Darryl has been making on TechEd and looking after Background Motion - there has been a lot to do!

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