.NET v J2EE Sample Application

It's been a while since there was a good sample comparing .NET v J2EE performance and cost.  We recently released a new enterprise class sample 'StockTrader' and have had some great feedback on this from the press:

  • eWeek: "John Rymer, an analyst with Forrester Research, said the Microsoft benchmark study should be taken seriously. 'The comparison confirms several of the pricing distinctions between WebSphere and Windows Server that we know exist, barring discounts and other sales tactics,' Rymer said. 'The descriptions of how both applications were both built and tested are complete.'"
  • InfoWorld: "For my part, I learned that Microsoft put a lot of time and money behind someone who was more committed to shooting straight than to handing his employer a big win over a competitor. It trusted a key competitive benchmark to an architect who made sure the competitor had every chance to win."

Read the full e-week article click here

Read the full Inforworld article click here


I've always found these applications useful to look at PetStore, Nile, Web Service performance, ...  So worth a good scan if you have the time to see how the next .NET 3.0 and other .NET technology help here.

Here is the blurb on the sample...


.NET StockTrader Sample Application

An End-to-End Sample Application Illustrating Windows Communication Foundation and .NET Enterprise Technologies

This application is an end-to-end sample application for .NET Enterprise Application Server technologies. It is a service-oriented application based on Windows Communication Foundation (.NET 3.0) and ASP.NET, and illustrates many of the .NET enterprise development technologies for building highly scalable, rich "enterprise-connected" applications. It is designed as a benchmark kit to illustrate alternative technologies within .NET and their relative performance. The application offers full interoperability with J2EE and IBM WebSphere's Trade 6.1 sample application. As such, the application offers an excellent opportunity for developers to learn about .NET and building interoperable, service-oriented applications.

Visit the Stocktrader sample on MSDN.