OpenXML Debate – the heat is on...

Standards New Zealand hosted the first day of feedback on Ecma Office Open XML in Wellington yesterday.  Many of our customers and partners have not been able to attend this meeting which is a great shame as it’s important for the whole industry but time was short.

Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken to many (hundreds) of people in the communities I look after for Microsoft – the Developers and IT Professionals across New Zealand.  The universal feedback has been that this is a good thing – I work for Microsoft so I of course also consider it a very good thing.

One person I took the time to chat with was Rod Drury – Rod’s a great guy who cares about the industry and posted in relation to this on his blog – thank you Rod!  This has resulted in a lot of comments many great ones from both sides. 

So I wanted to use my blog to put up some the common answers to these questions – I’ll do this in some follow-on posts.  Our NZ ISV Blog also has some comments on it about OpenXML up on it. 

Two good resource URL’s for OpenXML are:


If you are a developer and want to start working with the standard then this is a great short and visuals resource to get you started:


p.s. I'm actually on holiday today post an awesome TechEd - thank you to everyone who was there.  For those of you who missed it pop over to and see what it was all about (videos, photos, blogs, slides, ...).  I'll also [as a result of the holiday] not be lightening fast on reply's today ;)