Announcing Microsoft's Architecture Forums

I’ve been a fan of Internet Newsgroups and Forums for many years – it still amazes me how these bring people together on subjects that they are very passionate about. As I’ve been looking into resources for our community however, it’s clear that we need something similar for people to post architecture related questions and comments.

To help address this, we have created brand new forums, dedicated to architecture on the Microsoft platform. You can find these live today on Go to the homepage, and select the Architecture forum group. 

We are starting with two forums today – one for general architecture-related questions, and a second for modeling and tools. We'll be looking to expand these in the next few months.

I'd like to encourage anyone interested in architecture to participate on the forums. We have RSS enabled all of these so you can download the latest threads and comments into your favorite RSS reader, and our team is dedicated to making sure we have follow ups for all questions asked!