Would you like to write for the Architecture Journal?


Microsoft’s Architecture Journal

is a quarterly magazine, providing a world-class forum for the publication of unique articles on how good architecture can help create great implementations. Microsoft’s Architecture Journal is available as a printed subscription (you can order your own here) and also online here

From Issue #7 (Feb 2006) I’ll be taking over from Arvindra Sehmi as editor, and I’m looking for the best architects in the world to write for the magazine. Writing for the Architecture Journal gives you the opportunity to get your thoughts and ideas in the hands of enterprise, solution and infrastructure architects around the world – that’s a growing number of over 10,000 print subscribers and many more that download the issue online. In addition, your article will be localized into 7 languages and distributed at major events and conferences worldwide.

The theme of Issue #7 is workflow (orchestration, human workflow, rules engines, activity monitoring, business processes). I’m looking for great architect-focused articles that not only fit this theme, but are pragmatic in today’s challenging environments.

If you think you have what it takes to write for Issue #7 of the Architecture Journal send a 1 – 2 paragraph abstract and a bio to

archjrnl@microsoft.com. The cut off date for the next issue is Dec 15th.