Has your Management Point Failed to Reinstall?

My name is Brent Dunsire and I am Supportability Program Manager here at Microsoft working on Systems Management Server. In the spirit of this Blog I hope to bring you awareness, and solutions, to commonly seen issues with SMS 2003. I’d like to start by bringing as many folks up to date regarding an issue which has frustrated many of us for some time.


In Systems Management Server 2003 many actions trigger a reinstall of the Management Point and that Management Point may fail to reinstall. This has been an all too common experience for those with MP’s utilizing IIS 6.0 where the MP reinstallation failure manifests with the following error as found in the MPSetup.log:


<< Setup was unable to create the Internet virtual directory CCM_System The error code is 80020009 >>


This error has most often been linked to SMS related entries being orphaned in the IIS Metabase. While a reinstall of IIS will most certainly clear this out and optionally - editing of the Metabase to remove those entries could be conducted to correct this - that is an aggressive and unnecessary step which will do little to ensure its return upon the next MP reinstallation.


This problem has been found to be due to a flaw in IIS 6.0 which is detailed in this recently released Knowledge Base article for SMS:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/918324/en-us


This SMS specific article will provide you details on this issue as well as direct you to an IIS 6.0 hotfix which should prevent this problem from occurring, and which once applied will also allow a failed MP reinstall attempt to then reinstall successfully with out manual Metabase edits or IIS reinstallations.

Brent G. Dunsire

Supportability Program Manager

Systems Management Server and SCRM