MOM 2005: Event Error 25117 on MOM server if using DPM 2007 MP

We've been kind of ConfigMgr/SMS heavy lately so I thought maybe we'd do a couple posts on MOM/OpsMgr to try to even things out a little.  Today is a troubleshooting tip for MOM 2005 from Milan Jajal:


Issue: After importing the Data Protection Manager 2007 Management Pack for MOM 2005, you may not getlerted on DPM server problems and instead see errors relating to the DPM MP.  In the Application event log of MOM Server where DPM servers point as Management Servers, you will get below event:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Microsoft Operations Manager
Event Category: MOM Server
Event ID: 25117
Description: The following error details were returned during duplicate alert checking or insertion for Alert 'DPM Alert 3159: Recovery point creation failures'.
Details: Invalid Component 'Backup' in Rule 'DPM Alert 3159: Recovery point creation failures'
Verify the following:
-- The role name 'DPM Protected' is a valid class.
-- The class is related to a computer via a containment relationship.
-- The class has a primary key.
-- The component name 'Backup' is a valid attribute.
For more information, see Help and Support Center at <>.

Cause: Error 25117 can occur if the attribute 'backup' is missing for the "DPM Protected" class in the database.  This can happen if you had previously imported the DPM 2006 MP and then upgraded to the DPM 2007 MP.  This is a known issue in DPM 2007 MP and will be addressed in later revisions.

Resolution: To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

Run the SQL queries below:

1. Select * from ClassDefinition where Name like 'DPM Protected'
2. Select * from ClassAttribute where ClassAttributeName='Backup'
3. Select * from relationshipDefinition where RelationshipTypeName ='Computer-DPM Protected'

    Note: Please note the value under column RelationshipTypeID

4. Select * from relationship where RelationshipTypeID=<'value'>
    Note: value is the ID obtained in 3rd query. Please ensure the value is enclosed within single quotes

If the problem is present you will find that for below query:

2. Select * from ClassAttribute where ClassAttributeName='Backup'

you will receive this message"

Result: No records returned

Normally we would expect some output for this query.

Next run the queries below to fix the problem:

update ClassAttribute set ClassAttributeName='Backup' where ClassAttributeID='91FBE7C0-929A-46A0-B8DA- 0D4E494FC68A'


update ClassAttribute set ClassAttributeName='Name' where ClassAttributeID='D18B4F2D-D168-489E-8605- EEE47D9BC3BA'

Then run this query:

Select * from ClassAttribute where ClassAttributeName='Backup'

Now this should give you the expected output which was not present earlier:

:91FBE7C0-929A-46A0-B8DA-0D4E494FC68A EC27E193-8733-4126-86AD-18BFD8301A10
Backup 0 1 2004-09-16
21:18:03.860 2004-09-16 21:18:03.860 NULL Status

After above steps are taken, Error 25117 should no longer occur and your DPM 2007 should be monitored as expected.


Thanks Milan!

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer