As a system developer BIG opportunities for developing in Office 365

What does it mean when Microsoft says that they are moving their collaboration and communications into the cloud? Or maybe you have been working on a Linux product that hasn’t changed since 1991, and the company you worked for just closed their doors. It happens. Now your skills are uninteresting to the current employers.

Let’s take this scenario a little further, your sister-in-law works for a large law firm that is looking at a “hybrid” cloud solution using Office 365/Sharepoint and is unable to find anyone who understands the need, except for overbooked consultants who are charging $300/hour. She has told your wife about this opportunity and your wife views any IT kind of job something you can do.

Take a look at the link:

You could get up to speed very quickly with the easy to use Microsoft products, and customers with money use Microsoft products. This is good since if the customer has money, this means they might be interested in hiring you for a billing rate that is less that $300/hour, but more than you are making now.

Think about it.