Free Stencils for Visio 2013 which is New and much better!

Yeah, sure you say.  You might be thinking: “Sam you work for Microsoft, of course you will say that Visio is better!”  But you don’t use it and see no reason to use it.

Too bad.  But like you, my managers don’t want to see complex diagrams from me, nor an email longer then 4 lines.  Since I came out of engineering complex objects, I always get confused about the amount of time software and marketing people are willing to “get to work” and fix later.  Try that with electronic circuits or aircraft, doesn’t happen anymore, it did at one time.  With electronic circuits things got really small and complex.  With aircraft people didn’t like crashing and then dying, well at least their families and investors didn’t like it, the pilots were dead so did they care?  Don’t think so.

Well, Visio is much better more connected and collaboration that was expected in Visio 2010 made into this version of Visio.

Unfortunately there is still the same lame shapes for software, totally useless unless you are used to using them, but I have my own set.  Some new shapes that I hadn’t noticed before are electron tubes.  Used to be called Vacuum tubes.  Really, vacuum tubes symbols, I guess you would use them for musical amplifiers or really slow computers.  The sad thing is I can think of uses for these symbols.



Well back to design, yes the stencils are somewhat lame, it would have nice if Office Labs had ask for input on what symbols are needed, but no, they didn’t.

It would have been nice to have the ability to Storyboard Win 8 metro designs and Phone apps.  But not in Visio.

Good news: You can storyboard in PowerPoint!

More Good News: You can create your own stencils, download stencils others have made and make your own stencil sheets.

Where you can get free stencils, there are more online, but most are old or already included in with Visio 2013, but stencils are easy to make and people who use Visio are always looking for new ones.  Making stencils is easy and a great giveaway on your web site.

Visio Educational Shapes

From <>

Office Communications Server 2007 and 2007 R2 Visio Stencils

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SOA Stencils:

Interesting stencils for software people:

And if you want to create your own Office Comics download this Visio Template: