FreeBSD on Hyper-V? Really!

Well if you use FreeBSD you may have noticed that virtualization for the FreeBSD product was falling behind the virtualization for Windows and Linux.  Currently according to the blog: , NetAPP built a bridge to the Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor services.

Pretty cool, if this is a fully functional FreeBSD system, I didn’t do any testing so I don’t know, but I do know that there are some interesting rendering tools that run on the FreeBSD system.  This means that you can now use the Hyper-V to get more CPU utilization.

FreeBSD is interesting since it is solidly based on the UNIX operating system, and with the builds like PC-BSD 9, you might be thinking about extending your work into the server/cloud world.  This appears to be part of the Cloud Busting approach that NetApp is doing for Private Clouds, for more information see:

With the interesting changes coming to Windows 8, and with Microsoft’s commitment to open source these are exciting times.  Technology is moving rapidly, not any one company has all of the answers.  Be smart, get rich using the technological community you enjoy being in. 

I happen to enjoy working for and using Microsoft products, you might have that next Technical Academy award tied up in a FreeBSD based rendering system and need a Private cloud that you can offer to many corporations, who may only use Microsoft cloud.  Are you going to be able to seize that opportunity?

Opportunities these days speed by in a Ferranti, and sometimes beep their horn.  Be ready.


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