HTML 5 in Expression 4 Web

I think the Expression Group is improving the learning experience,wow, in fact it has improved quite a bit. 

Seriously I had been very frustrated with the site a few months ago and the confused material. I DO NOT want to see Expression Web 2.0 videos, even if they work for Expression Web 4.0. Just don’t do that. Adobe doesn’t mix older training videos with newer ones. 

You would think that the drive to get people to switch to HTML 5 would mean that instructions on how to get the default HTML page to be HTML 5 would be someplace on the Expression site. 

And if you thought that, you would be correct:

Intellisense is sweet.

What about checking to see if your site is meeting accessibility and deployment requirements:

Now the question becomes, why would I use WebMatrix and not Expression Web or Visual Web Developer?

Good question.