Hybrid Deployment of Microsoft Office 365 Messaging

What if you work for a law office and the lawyers want client emails stored on a co-located server, but other workers, such as purchasing, don’t need to have their emails stored on the co-located server?  Office 365 might not seem like a solution, but now you can split where the emails are stored.  While exploring the situation, you find out that using Office 365 the leased phones in the law office can be replaced with a telephony system that uses the desktop and laptop computers everyone has. 

You present this plan to the partners, they approve and also grant you a substantial bonus equal to the monthly phone lease bill.  Now you can buy that Porsche Panamera that wife has her eye on.  She is so happy, she gives you permission to buy that surfboard you had your eye on.  Oh wait a minute, is that a fair deal?  Car for Surfboard?  I guess the wife will just have to put up with the car, after all, I don’t think you can surf with a car.  I would just keep my Prius.


But before you can make that presentation, you will need to take a look at this article, where the planning considerations for the deployment and infrastructure considerations of having a hybrid messaging and storage:

Future situation:

As the local IT administrator requirements fall off, there will be an increased need for consultants who can advise their customers on what this means to them.  The partners at your Law Office fund you to start a consulting gig, and you later sell the company for several million dollars.  Good work!