In case you need an Open Source License for your project

In case you want to add an license to your software check out these links (valid as of May 10, 2012), even though they say Microsoft on them, they are designed for use with Open Source products.  There are other open source licenses, but any license should be reviewed with you or the software owner with a lawyer so that you get the correct advice.  I haven’t gone to law school, nor passed the Bar and if you haven’t, then at some time you should have an attorney review licensing with you.  Seriously, screw it up and you could lose money, big time.  Make sure to read through all of the license types, decide which way you want to go, and then pay for a licensing lawyer’s time (usually about $500) to help you make the decision as to licensing, etc.

Microsoft Public Licenses

Apache Public Licenses

If you own something with a copyright, trademark, or patent, then it is up to you to protect the brand, no one else will.  Of course, ask a lawyer for help with this, they need the work.

Note: In California you don’t have to go to Law School to take the Bar.